Abdul Rahman Ibn Khaled

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Abdul Rahman, son of Khaled Ibn Walid, from “Tabe’in” (a group of Muslims who followed the companions of the Prophet) and “Quraysh” (tribe inhabiting Mecca in the time of the Prophet and to which he belonged, nowadays many Qyraysh people live as Bedouin in the neighbourhood of Mecca. Abdul Rahman was a commander in time of “Mu’awiya” (Umayyad caliph) and was the governor of Homs (town in Syria). In “Siffin battle” (battle between Imam Ali “p.b.u.h” and Mu’awiya in 657) he fought against Imam Ali. In time of Mu’awiya, #### he also fought against Romans. Finally Mu’awiya killed him by poison in 666 by his Christian doctor, because he was afraid that Abdul Rahman may rule instead of “Yazid” (Mu’awiya’s son).


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