Abu Abdul Rahman Salmi

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Abu Abdul Rahman Salmi was a Kufi teacher of reading the Quran and from Tabe’ein (a Muslim group who followed companions of the Prophet). His father was one of the companions of the Holy Prophet. It is said that he had participated in Seffin battle (battle between Imam Ali and Mu’awiya). There is not much information about his life. It seems he taught reading the Quran up to the end of his life. His special scientific feature was his role as the transmitter in reading the Quran from the companions of the Prophet to Kufi reciters such as: Asem Ibn Abi #### Najwad. Ab u Abdul Rahman first learnt the Quran from his father, but in the high levels his only master was Imam Ali (p.b.u.h). There are different traditions on his masters; the following are more reliable:
Imam Ali (p.b.u.h)
Zaid Ibn Sabet
Abdullah Ibn Mas’oud
Abi Ibn Ka’b

It seems the first three masters of Abdul Rahman have been more emphasised than others and especially on Imam Ali. Abu Abdul Rahman taught reading the Quran for forty years in Kufa. The following were trained in his presence:
- Asem Ibn Abi Najwad Kufi (one of the seven reciters of the Quran)
- Ata Ibn Saeb
- Abu Isaac Sabiei
- Yahya Ibn Wathab
- Aamer Sh’bi

He was also a reliable narrator in Hadith and quoted Hadith from: Imam Ali, Ibn Mas’oud, Khazifeh Ibn Yaman, Umar Ibn Khattab, Othman Ibn Afan, Sa’d Ibn Abi Waqas, Abu Musa Ash’ari and Abu Harireh. Also some famous scholars: Ibrahim Nakhaei, Sadi and Saeid Ibn Jobayr quoted Hadiths from Abu Abdul Rahman. He was a virtuos person; Abu Na’eim and Ibn Jowzi wrote his biography.


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