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Lut Ibn bYahya Azuddi, known as Abu Mekhnaf, Shia historian and traditionist and from Akhbariyya (term which in the Twelver Shia donates those who primarily on the traditions “Akhbar” of the Imams as a source of religious knowledge, in contrast to the Usuliyya) in the 8th century. Although he was a celebrated scholar, there is not much information on his life. He was born in 689. He collected historical events of the first years of Islam which some of the events then caused to appear some special beliefs among Muslims. He made a great effort to narrate #### events of Iraq but could narrate much the events of Iran, Syria and Egypt.

He had many works on history which were attended by the later historians: Tabari and Ibn Athir. Surprisingly non of his works have been obtained directly and there is some dout about the books in manuscript which have been attributed to him.
1- Maqtal al-Hossein (on martyrdom of Imam Hossein and his most famous work)
2- Conquests of Syria
3- Traditions (Akhbar) of House of Mekhnaf Ibn Salim
4- Conquests of Islam
5- On martyrdom of Hojr Ibn Adi (Shia agitator in early Islam, put to death by the Umayyad caliph Mu’awiya)
6- People of Nahrawan and Kharijites (Nahrawan is the name of a battle in 658 between Imam Ali and Kharijites, Imam Ali was victorious)
7- On martyrdom of Imam Ali
8- Sulayman Ibn Sardeh and Ein al-Wardeh

Abu Mekhnaf in the scholars point of view:
Some of the Rejalists (scholars who research about traditionists) know him as a Shia scholar but some others do not:
- Ibn Abi al-Hadid: did not know him as a Shia
- Sheikh Toosi: rejected his descent from Imam Ali and knew his father as one of the companions of the Prophet)
- Majlesi: considered him and his books in the list of opponents’ books)
- Yahya Ibn Mo’in: knew him as a reliable traditionists
- Ibn Abi Hatam: knew him as a person who has abandoned Hadith.

Generally traditionists were against him, their ideas were opposed to Akhbariyya’s but some supported him bacause of narrating and collecting traditions (Akhbar) of Imam Ali and Hossein (p.b.u.t). Abu Mekhnaf died in 774.


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