Abu Salameh Khallal

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Abu Salameh Hafs Ibn Sulayman Khallal, known as “the minister of Aale Muhammad”. Because of his job, was known as Khallal; Khallal in Arabic means “vinegar seller”. He had an effective role in inviting Bani Abbas (Abbasudes) to Iraq and overthrowing Omayyades. He was one of the greatest and richest persons in Kufa – Iraq. Abu Salameh and Abu Muslem Khurasani both were supposed to attend to Shias of Khurasan and other cities. Central and eastern cities of Iran were ararnged by Abu Muslem Khurasani and cities of Iraq and Syria by Abu #### Salameh. Abu Salameh was the minister of Abul Abbas Saffah (one of the Abbasid caliph) and was entitled as “minister of aale Muhammad” by him. There is not much information about the last years of his life, but it is known that Abul Abbas Saffah was going to kill him, because Abu Salameh was interested in Imam Ali and his family. Finally he was killed by order of Saffah, then they anounced that he was killed by “Kharijites” (the Arabic term indicates the dissidents who at the battle of Siffin in 657, refused arbitration between Imam Ali and Mu’awiya and departed).


Islamic encyclopedia -vol. 5


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