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Ahmad Kasrawi Tabrizi (1890 – 1946) in Tabriz – Iran, historian and researcher. He went to school at 6. His two books: “History of Iran’s constitution” and “18-year-old history of Azerbaijan” are the most important works on constitution of Iran. His another book “The ancient language of Azerbaijan”. “The language of Azerbaijan (city in Iran) had been one of the Persian languages, then Azerbaijani Turkish has been ciculated”. This theory first was propounded by Kasrawi, according to historical indications, he knew name of the language as “Azeri”. #### There are still some who are opposed to this theory but it has been accepted by liguists in the East and West. Kasrawi knew the Quran by heart, learnt Arabic and English in Tabriz and taught Arabic in an American school in Tabriz. When he went to Tehran, was employed in Ministry of Justice. He published two magazines: “Payman” (1933 – 1941) and “Parcham” and propagated his ideas on Iranians’ language, religion and beliefs. Kasrawi criticized beliefs of Shias, Sufism and Bahai and tried to propagate a religion by himself; he was going to omit superstitions from religion. He was also against poets and poetry. He and his followers, every year on the first day of Day (December) burned the books which were negative (in their idea) such as: Collected poems of Hafez, novels, prayer books and Bahai books.


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