Ibn Majeh

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Abu Abdullah Muhammad Rab’ei Qazvini, a celebrated Sunni traditionist and author of the last of the six canonical collections of traditions, born in 824 in Qazvin – Iran. All his family were famous scholars of Qazvin: his brother; Abu Muhammad Hasan and his nephew; Ahmad Ibn Hasan. There is not much information about his life, except the manuscripts of some of his students such as: Ja’far Ibn Idris. First he started studying in his birthplace, then travelled to Kufa, Basra, Baghdad, Syria, Egypt, Mecca and Medina to continue his studies. Ibn Majeh #### studied in the presence of many great scholars, the following are some of them:
1- Abu Korayb Muhammad Ibn Ala’
2- Ahmad Ibn Sanan Qatan
3- Abu Kheythameh Zahir Ibn Harb

He also travelled to Rey – Iran and studied under “Muhammad Ibn Hamid Razi” and in Neishabou in the presence of “Muhammad Ibn Yahya Zahli”. Then returned to Qazvin and started teaching and writing books. He is famous for the book “Traditions of Ibn Majeh”. It contains 4000 traditions in about 150 chapters, it was criticized, because many of the traditions were weak. There are left two more books of him: “History” and “Exegesis”. Ibn Majeh died in 887 in Qazvin.


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