Muhammad Ibn Munkader

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Muhammad Ibn Munkader, a Sufi jurisconsult and traditionist. His nickname was “abu Abdulah” and lived in time of Imam Muhammad Bagher (the 5th Imam of Shias). Muhammad Ibn Munkader and some of his friends (Safwan Ibn Salim, Abu Hazem, Yazid Ibn Khasifeh and Sulayman Ibn Sahim) gathered together, prayed and read some Hadiths and also every year they travelled to Mecca with each other. Muhammad Ibn Munkader has quoted Hadiths from the followig persons:
Rabi’at Ibn Abdullah - his paternal uncle- ####
Jaber Ibn Abdullah
Saeid Ibn Jobayr
Hasan Basri

He died in 749 in Medina.


On the knowledge of resurrection -written by Allameh Tehrani

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