Sheikh al-Rai s Qajar

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Prince Abul Hasan Mirza Sheikh al-Rai’s Qajar, grandson of “Fath Ali Shah” (one of the kings of Qajar dynasty). He was born in the year Naser al-Din Shah was crowned in Tehran. He became blind as the result of blister in his childhood. Abul Hasan Mirza studied primary sciences in Tehran then went to Samarra – Iraq to continue his education. He was against Shah, therefore Naser al-Din Shah exiled him to Ashqabad, he had revelutionary activities out of Iran. In time of Constitution in Iran, he called Iranians to liberty by his writings in Iraq, India, #### Turkey and France. After Constitution, Abul Hasan Mirza returned to Iran, but was arrested by Muhammad Ali Shah (the 6th Qajar shah). Shah ordered to break his teeth and imprisoned him. After releasing from prison, he was chosen as the edputy in the second round of the National Consultative Assembly. Sheikh al-Rai’s Qajar died in 1921 as theh result of typhus.


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