Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Yaqub Kuleyni

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Abu Jafar Muhammad Ibn Yaqub Kuleyni Razi, celebrated Shia scholar, traditionist and jurisconsult in the 10th century. He was born in Kolein – Iran and lived in time of Imam Hasan Askari (the 11th Imam of Shias). He studied primary sciences in the presence of his father and maternal uncle “Ali Ibn Muhammad Alan”, then travelled to Rey to continue his education. He studied Hadith under “Abul Hasan Muhammad Ibn Asadi”. Then went to Qom and visited many great traditionists, the most important master who had narrated 7140 Prophetic Hadiths, was “Ali #### Ibn Ibrahim Qomi”. Kuleyni learnt a lot in his presence. He also travelled to Kufa – Iraq to continue learning Hadiths in the presence of the great and reliable traditionist: “Ibn Uqdeh”. Then went to Baghdad, both Shia and Sunnni sects trusted him and refered to ask their religious problems. This the reason why he is called “Seqat al-Islam” (a person who is reliable and people trust him). He was the first Islamic scholar who had this title. His most important work is the authoritative book “Kafi” (a collection of the Prophet and Imams’ Hadiths), it was written within 20 days. It is the most valuable book of the four books of Shia sect, on Prophetic Hadiths. The books contains 16199 Prophetic and Imamite Hadiths. Kuleyni was considered as a great Shia jurisconsult and the most reliable traditionist; by great Shia and Sunni scholars: Sheikh Tusi, Najashi, Ibn Shahr Ashub, Allameh Helli, Seyyed Ibn Tawous, Allameh Khalil Qazvini, Allameh Majlesi, Ibn Athir, Firuz Abaadi (great philosopher) and Ibn Hujr Aqlani.

The following are his most famous masters:
1- Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Isa
2- Abdullah Jafar Hemyari
3- Ahmad Ibn Idris Qomi
4- Hasan Yamani
5- Ibn Uqdeh
6- Ahmad Ibn Mehran
7- Isaac Ibn Yaqub
8- Hasan Ibn Khafif
9- Ali Ibn Ibrahim Qomi
10- Muhammad Taei
11- Alan Razi

1- Abi Rafe’ Semyari
2- Ahmad Kateb Kufi
3- Jafar Quluyeh
4- Ali Daqaq
5- Ibn Abi Zeinab
6- Muhammad Safwani
7- Abu Qaleb Muhammad Razi
8- Muhammad Kuleyni
9- Harun Talakbari ,etc.

Kuleyni died in 1534, at the age of 70 in Baghdad.




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