Imad al-Din Barzash Abaadi Tusi

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Imad al-Din Barzash Abaadi Tusi was one of the great Sufi scholars in his own time and one of the successors of “Sheikh Muhammad Khabushani”. He was also one of the Cheifs of “Nurbakhsiyya” (religious Shi’i order named after its founder Muhammad Ibn Muhammad Ibn Abdullah from Qa’in in Kuhistan, called Nurbakhsh “light-gift”; 1392 – 1464). Imad al-Din was killed by Uzbeg in Mashhad.
He wrote an explanation on the book “Lawayeh” (The essays, written by the great Iranian poet “Jami” ). He also wrote some poems on Sufism. Barzash Abaadi Tusi deid in 1509.



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