Saeid Nafisi

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Saeid Nafisi (8 June 1896 – 13 November 1966) was an Iranian scholar, fiction writer and poet. He was a prolific writer in Persian. Nafisi was born in Tehran where he conducted numerous research on Iranian culture, literature and poetry. He published many seminal articles on Iran, Persian literary texts and Sufism. His works have been translated into more than 20 languages worldwide. He taught in Tehran university, Kabul university, Cairo university and San Jose State university.
Works: ####
1- Farangis
2- The moon of Nakhshab (city in Turkistan)
3- The hidden fire (1961)
4- The half-way of paradise (1954)
5- The black stars
6- The last memorial of Nader (play)
7- The social histpry of Iran (2 volumes)
8- Dictionary (French to Persian)

The corrections:
1- Beyhaqi history (history of the Ghaznawid dynasty, written by Abul Fazl Beyhaqi)
2- Diwan “The collected poems” of Khaju Kermani (famous Iranian poet)
3- Diwan of Anwari (Iranian poet)
4- The quatrains of “Baba Afzal Kashani (Iranian poet)

1- The general history of the modern centuries
2- Some works of “Alexander Pushkin” (Russian author)
3- Iliad
4- Odyssey
5- The fable “Griluf”
6- Secretary of the Post Office

Nafisi died in Russian hospital in Tehran.




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