Seyyed Ali Shushtari

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Seyyed Ali Imam Shushtari, celebrated scholar, born in 1902 in Shushtar – Iran. Most of his ancestors were great scholoars, the most famous: “Seyyes Ne’mat Allah Jazayeri” and “Seyyes Abdullah”. After finishing primary education, started studying methodology and Arabic literature in the presence of his maternal uncle “Sheikh Muhammad Kazem Shushtari” and his brother “Seyyed Nur al-Din Imam Shushtari”, then studied English. He was employed in the Ministry of Education for 12 years; generally he had governmental jobs. Shushtari was also #### profoundly expert at Arabic, in 1966 was appointed as the manager of Arabic department in Pahlavi library. He undertook a lot of research on different subjects which was considered by shah of Iran.

1- Geographical history of Khuzestan – Iran
2- History of scales in the Islamic government
3- Dictionary of Persian words in Arabic language (containing over 3000 Persian word origins which have been entered Arabic)
4- Translation of “Andarz Nameh” (On giving advice, written by Ardeshir Babakan). Shushtari translated from Arabic into Persian
5- Iran as the cradle of science and art (On the background of music in the Islamic life)
6- History of kingship in Iran

1- the Persian Gulf and the most ancient lighthouses in the world
2- On the background of navigation in Iran
3- A treatise on appearing language
4- Name of the seven cities of Ctesiphon
5- The role of Iranians in the first Islamic progress
6- The effect of Iranian civilization on Arabs
7- Mazdak and his rules (Mazdak was the founder of a dualistic and communistic sect, who was killed by Anushirvan), etc.

Seyyed Ali Imam Shushtari died in 1972 in Tehran as the result of lung cancer.




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