Seyyed Jamal al-Din Asad Abaadi

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Seyyed Jamal al-Din Asad Abaadi, great Iranian leader of the Islamic new movement, born in 1838, into a religious family in Hamedan – Iran. He started learning the Quran, Arabic grammar and Persian books at the age of 5 in the presence of his father. Then went to Qazvin and Tehran to continue his studies. In 1849, travelled to Najaf and studied in the presence of the two great scholars: Sheikh Murteza Ansari (jurisprudence & methodology) and Hossein Darjazini (ethics & theosophy). In 1853, by order of his master “Sheikh Murteza Ansari”, travelled to India. #### He learnt new sciences and tried to mobilize Muslims against England (at that time India was colonized by England) but he could not stay in India more than 1 year and half, because India was ruled by England. Then went to Egypt and established the anti-colonization movement of thought. He also established: “the Secret Society”. The movement then was followed by his students such as: Sheikh Muhammad Abduh. Asad Abaadi and sheikh Muhammad Abduh published the newspaper “Urwat al-Wuthqa” in France. Asad Abaadi was against Naser al-Din shah (one of the kings of Qajar dynasty) and believed that, he was responsible for making Iranians’ life miserable; therefore he was exiled from Iran. He had a great effect on the Islamic and political life in Iraq during the years 1891 – 1892. From his point of view, the most important problematic issue of the Islamic society, was domestic despotism and foreign colonization. He fought aginst these two problems seriously. In the last years of his life, he lived in Turkey under control of the Ottoman sultan Abdulhamid and was poisoned by order of him in 1897.




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