Seyyed Muhammad Rashid Reza

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Rashid Reza, Syrian Arab scholar (1865 – 1935). His life was devoted to the reconcilation of the Islamic heritage to the modern world. He was influenced by Jamal al-Din Afghani and Muhammad Abduh, of whom he wrote a well-known biography. He founded “The society of propagation and guidance” in 1909, he was going to reject the influence of religious propagation of Christians in the Islamic countries and train young teachers to propagate the Islamic teachings. Also founded the newspaper “al-Manar” and published it throughout his life. #### In 1920, he was appointed as the head of Syria National Congress. Rashid Reza was one one of the supporters of “Ottomans” (name of a Turkish dynasty, ultimately of Oghuz origin, which ruled from 1281 to 1924 over Anatolia, the Balkans and the Arab lands). Rashid Reza’s best-known work is the treatise “The supreme caliphate and Imamate” (on caliphate).


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