Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Bouhlul

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Sheikh Muhammad Taqi Bouhlul Gunabadi, celebrated Iranian scholar, born in 1919. He started learning the Quran from his childhood in the presence of his father, at the age of 8, knew the Quran by heart. Then continued studying the famous scientific books: Explanation of Lom’eh, Mutawwal (work of Taftazani) and The gloss (work of mullah Hadi Sabzewari) in the presence of great scholar Ayatollah Hossein Qomi. Bouhlul had an effective role in modern history of Iran. He was against Reza shah’s activities such as: Reaviling hijab (women were not #### allowed to wear chador or scarf by order of Reza shah). He delivered a lecture on Reza shah’s wrong activities in “Gowhar Shad mosque” in Mashhad. Police tried to arrest him but he escaped. Then emigrated to Afghanistan and continued his political activities and was sent to prison for 30 years. After releasing from prison, went to Damascus and Egypt. He stayed for one year and half in Egypt and was appointed as the manager of Farsi department of Radio and Television of Egypt. He also travelled to Najaf and stayed for some years in this city. Then returned to Iran and was arrested and imprisoned by Reza shah. After the Islamic revolution, he lived in Khurasan – Iran. Bouhlul was expert at Arabic literature andn wrote over 200000 couplet poems and also knew 50000 couplets of other poets. He died in 2005 in Tehran.


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