Taha Hossein

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Taha Hossein, famous Egyptian author and man of letters (1889 – 1973). He was often at odds with religious conservatives. Became blind in his childhood but he was so intelligent and could learn the Quran by heart at 7. In 1908, studied theology, Arabic literature and French at the non-religious old university of Egypt and was the first student who achieved a PhD at that university. He went to France to continue his studies at the university of France and again achieved a PhD. Then returned to Egypt and started teaching the ancient history of Greece and #### Rome and also Arab history at the literature college. In 1928, became the president of the college and in 1950, became the Minister of Culture.

He wrote many tartises and novels but his best-known work is his autobiography “the Days”. The following are some of his other works:
1- The pioneers of thought
2- The speech of Wednesdays
3- On Jahiliyya poetry (Arabic term which refers to the state of affairs in Arabia before the mission of the Prophet. In general it has the connotation of ignorance andn paganism)

Some of his Persian works:
1- The poor child
2- The mirror of Islam
3- On Prophetic character
4- Shahrzad’s dreams
5- The true promise, etc.


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