Abbas Iqbal

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Abbas Iqbal Ashtyani (1879 – 1956), famous Iranian author, born in Ashtyan. In 1949, he travelled to Tehran and studied at the schools “Golestan” and “Dar al-Fonun”. When he was graduated, started teaching Persian language in Dar al-Fonun and also teaching literature, geography and political science. In 1925 went to Paris andn achieved a BA in literature. He was famou for writing literary and historical articles in the magazines “Daneshkadeh” (The college), “Foruq” (The light) and “Tarbiyat” (Training). When he returned to Iran, was #### appointed as the master of university and also one of the members of Iran academy. From 1944 to 1949, published the magazine “Yadegar” in Tehran. In the last years of his life, was appointed as the cultural councellor of Iran in Turkey and Italy. He died in Rome.

The corrections, writings and translations

1- Categories of poets (on eulogizing caliphs and ministers)
2- Ma’alem al-Ulama “The signs of scholars”
3- Sahahnameh (epic poetry and legendary history of Iran by Ferdowsi)
4- The magazine “Mirza Muhammad Kalantar Fars”
5- The modern history
6- The poetical works of Muhammad Ibn Abdul Malek Neishabouri
7- The companion of lovers
8- The poetical works of Ubayd Zakani
9- Translation of the good points of Isfahan
10- The expriences of ancestors
11- History of Tabarestan (city of Iran)
12- The Persian words
13- Explaining the religions, etc.

1- The history of Mongol
2- Biography of Abdullah Ibn Muqaffa’
3- Family of Nowbakhti
4- History of geographical exploration and the history of geography
5- Research on Bahrain and the islands of Persian Gulf
6- Mirza Taqi Amir Kabir (the most prominent statesman of Persia, in Qajar dynasty. (1807 – 1852) )
7- History of jewel in Iran
8- Qabous Woshmgir Ziyari
9- History of Iran from Mongul to the constitutional revolution

1- The General’s notes
2- The mission of the General Garden in Iran
3- The classifications of the kings
4- Three years in the court of Iran


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