Abdul Rahman Ibn Jowzi

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Abul Faraj Jamal al-Din Abdul Rahman Ibn al-Jowzi, Hanbalites historian, commentator and jurist, born in 1114 or 1116, Baghdad. Hanbalites (the followers of the Sunni school of theology, law and morality which grew up from the teachings of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal. Hanbalism recognizes no other sources than the Quran and the Sunna of the Prophet). He lived in the reign of 6 Abbasid caliphs. Abbasides (dynasty of caliphs who replaced the Umayyad dynasty in 750 and first ruled, then reigned over the greater part of the Islamic world for almost 8 centuries #### with capitals at Baghdad and Cairo). He learnt Hadith in the presence of his maternal uncle Abul Fazl Muhammad Baghdadi, at 5. Then studied the important works of Ahmad Ibn Hanbal and continued his studies in the presence of the greatest traditionists. He was intrested in learning all the sciences.

1- Abul Saadat Ahmad (on Hadith)
2- Abul Iz Ahmad, known as Ibn Kadesh
3- Abul Fazl Muhammad Baghdadi
4- Abul Hasan Ali Zaquni (traditionist, jurist, grammarian)
5- Abul Qasem Hebat Allah Sheybani
And many other scholars

Ibn Jowzi, praised Imam Ali, Hazrat Zahra (the Prophet’s daughter) and Imam Hossein and also quoted Hadiths from the Shia Imams, therefore some believe that he was a Shia.

- On commentary
- A book on history
- The subjects (on Hadith)
- Imposture of Satan, etc.

Ibn Jowzi died in 1549 in Baghdad.


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