Ibn Batuteh

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Ibn Batuteh, one of the world’s most renowned travellers and authors of travel books; 1304-1368. Between 1325 and 1353, his journeys brought him from his native Tangiers to Egypt, Syria, Mecca, Iraq, the Red Sea and Yemen, Oman, Istanbul, Transoxiana, Afghanistan, the Indus, the Maldives, Ceylon, Bengal, Sumatra and the Chinese port of Zaytun, Sardinia, Granada, and across the Sahara to the country of the Niger. His “Travel-book” is in fact a description of the then known world, and has been translated into many languages. It is one of the #### most geographical books. His jorney lasted for 28 years. Ibn Batuteh travelled to most of the well-known cities of that time, visited many cities in Africa, Asia and some parts of Europe but did not travel to North and South America and also Australia. He travelled to Morocco, Algeria, Muritania, Tunis, Lybia, Egypt, the Red Sea, Palestine, Lebanon, Damascus, Tripoli, Hejaz and Jordan. In 1326, travelled to Mecca, then went to Iraq and visited the cities Kufa, Basra, Takrit and Mosul. Also he travelled to Iran. Then went to Syria and travelld to Sudan, the East of Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia. Again he travelled to Mecca and then went to Jerusalem, Nablus, Ramla and Gaza, also travelled to Turkey and Russia and Bulgaria. Then went to Constantinople and Middle Asia and visited Bukhara, Chorasmia and Samarkand. Then travelled to Khurasan, Heart, Balkh, Torbat-e Jam, Sarakhs, Tus, Neishabour, Bastam and then went to Kabul and Ghazna and India. Ibn Batuteh stayed for 9 years in India and was appointed as the supreme judge by the king of India.He visited some of the cities of India: Delhi, Dawlat Abaad, Calcutta, etc. Then travelled to China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Bangladesh, Burma and Peking. Then went to Sumatra and again travelled to Damascus. Also visited Homs, Hamat, Aleppo, Jordan, Jerusalem, Egypt and then went to Alexandria and again returned to Cairo and went to Mecca for the last time in 1348. Again he travelled to Morocco, Mali, Muritania and Niger. His travelling finished in 1353. It is said that, Ibn Batuteh was a generous, righteous and hospitable man. In his journeys, he spoke only in Persian and Arabic. In his famous Travel-book, he noticed the custom, culture, behaviour and the monuments of different places, he had visited.


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