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Abu Yaqub Isaac Ibn Hunayn, an eminent physician and translator of ancient sciences and philosophy; d. 910. Well versed in Greek, Syriac, Arabic and Persian, he made many translations of Aristotle, Plato and other great philosophers as well as many standard works on mathematics and astronomy. His own writings were mainly on medical and pharmacological subjects. He studied medicine in the presence of his father “Hunayn Ibn Isaac (the most important mediator of ancient Greek science to the Arabs; 808 – 873) and Egyptian physicians. Isaac Ibn #### Hunayn was supported by the Abbasid caliphs.

The follwing are his most important works:
Aristotle’s works:
1- The categories (translated from Greek into Arabic; published in 1948)
2- The phrase (according to Ibn Nadim, Isaac translated it from Syriac into Arabic which had been before translated by his father; but some other sources indicate that translated directly from Gree; published in 1948)
3- Analysing the analogy (some sctions translated into Syriac; published 1948)
4- Theorem (translated from Greek into Syriac, then Matta Ibn Yunus, translated it from Syriac into Arabic; published in 1949). Matta Ibn Yunus, Nestorian Christian who translated Aristotle and commented upon him. d. 940
5- Polemic (translated from Greek into Syriac, Yahya Ibn Uday trnaslated it into Arabic)
6- Lecture
7- Existence and sedition
8- On the soul (published in 1954 in Cairo)
9- The pure song
10- Metaphysics

Euclid’s works:
According to the sources all the following works have been translated directly from Greek into Arabic and edited by Thabet Ibn Qurra (mathematician, physician and philosopher from Harran; 836 – 901).
1- The principles of geometry (the Latin and Hebrew translations were made from the Arabic version)
2- al-Mu’tyat
3- Debator

Other authors’ works:
1- The round shapes
2- The moving earth
3- The circle and cylinder
4- Almagest
5- The plants
6- An article on the intellect (by Alexander Afrudisi), etc.

His works:
1- The history of physicians and philosophers (on the ancient history of medicine)
2- Knowledge
3- Antidote
4- The astronomical table, etc.


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