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Seyyed Muhammad Ali Shahrestani, known as “Hebat al-Din”, outstanding scholar and commentator of the Quran, born in 1884, Samarra – Iraq. His parents were great famous scholars. Hebat al-Din started learning since 10, studied the primary Islamic sciences, inflection & syntax, logic, rhetoric, prosody, figures of speech, Hadith, jurisprudence, methodology, history, astronomy, mathematics, arithmetics and Rejal (the Islamic science which talks about the transmitters of Hadiths) in Karbala. Then travelled to Najaf and continued his studies in the #### presence of great masters: Sheikh Kazem Khurasani, Seyyed Kazem Yazdi and Shariat Isfahani. In 1911, he published the magazine “al-Ilm” (The science) in Najaf. It was the first religious scientific and philosophical magazine. Then built two schools: “Islah” and “Islam” in Bahrain. Hebat al-Din tried to unite Muslims in different Islamic countries. He wwent to India and visited the scholars of this country, then travelled to Yemen, Syria, Hejaz, Lebanon and Iran.
He was going to establish a religious assciation in each country and then returned to Najaf. In 1934, Hebat al-Din was chosen as the deputy for the National Cosultative Assembly, by people of Baghdad.

There are left many works of him on different religious and scientific subjects:
1- Harm of smoking
2- Nehzat (The movement) of Imam Hossein “the third Imam of Shias
3- Qaf mountain
4- Solving the problems
5- The reasons andn questions
6- On “Peak of Eloquence” (The aphorisms and sermons of Imam Ali), etc.

Hebat al-Din Shahrestani died in 1967.


Reyhanat al-Adab

Ayan al-Shia


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