Abul Fazl Balami

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Abul Fazl Muhammad Bal’ami, famous Iranian scholar, traditionist and man of letters and the minister in Samanid period (Iranian dynasty). There is not much information about his life. He learnt Hadith under “Abu Ubaydullah Muhammad Marwzi” who was his most important master. Also studied under “Abu Abdullah Marwzi” and “Abul Muwajjah Marwzi” and other scholars in Samarqand, Bukhara, Sarakhs and Neishabour. He was the Minister of Abul Hasan Nasr Samani (king of Samanid dynasty). He had an effective role in most of the important events of #### Samanid dynasty. Bal’ami was an educated and prudent person, some of the poets of that time eulogized him in their poems. He translated Panchatanta (Kelileh Wa Demneh) from Arabic into Persian by order of Nasr Ibn Ahmad Samani. He was fully versed at prose.

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