Moshir al-Dawleh

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Mirza Seyyed Jafar Khan, known as Moshir al-Dawleh; great Iranian author in the period of Qajar (Persian dynasty which ruled from 1779 till 1923), from the middle of the reign of Fath Ali Shah to the that of Naser al-Din Shah. He studied Arabic and some of the modern sciences in Tabriz. In 1814, went to London to study engineering, then returned to Iran and started teaching mathematics in Tabriz; was titled “engineer” by Abbas Mirza (son of Fath Ali Shah; 1789 – 1833. He was known for his bravery and generosity. Devoted to military art, he was for many #### years governor-general of Azerbaijan). In 1836, was appointed as the ambassador to Ottoman. The following are some of his jobs:
- The head of the Commission of “Locating the frontier zones between Iran and Ottoman”
- Theh special Iranian Ambassador to London
- The administrator of “Astan-e Qods” (the office in Imam Reza Holy Shrine)

1- The general geography in Iran
2- The summary of arithmetic
3- The modern arithmetic
4- On arithmetic
5- Treatise “Sar Haddiye” (Frontier)

Moshir al-Dawleh died in 1859 in Mashhad.



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