Muhammad Taqi Shariati

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Muhammad Taqi Shari’ati, famous scholar (1907 – 1987), Mazinan – Iran. His father “Sheikh Mahmoud” and his grandfather “Mullah Ghorban Ali” both were great Muslim scholars of Sabzewar (town near Mashhad). His grandfather was the student of “Mullah Hadi Sabzewari” (Persian philosopher and poet; 1797 – 1878. He disseminated and clarified the doctrines of Mullah Sadra Shirazi. The Qajar Shah Naser al-Din ordered a mausoleum to be built for him at Mashhad). Shari’ati studied inflexion and syntax in his father’s presence. At #### the age of fifteen, went to Mashhad to continue his studies. In 1941, started teaching. He had also political activities against Pahlavi (Persian dynasty) and was imprisoned. Shari’ati was buried in Mashhad.




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