Mullah Ali Qoushchi

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Ali Ibn Muhammad Samarqandi, known as Mullah Ali Qoushchi; great astronomer and mathematician and had charge of the Ulugh Beg’s (Timurid ruler) observatory. Studied mathematics in the presence of “Qazi Zadeh Rumi” and “Ulugh Beg”. After the death of Ulugh Beg, he was appointed as the ambassador to Constantinople by Uzun Hasan (ruler of Aq Qoyunlu; ruled. 1453 – 1478). Then he atrted teaching art at Aya Sofya school.
1- Treatise “Muhammadiyya” (on arithmetic, written in the #### name of the Ottoman sultan Muhammad khan)
2- The primary astronomy, known as Persian astronomy
3- Explanation of “Tajrid al-Kalam” (Abstraction of theology; by Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi)
4- Explanation of the Quranic exegesis (by Sa’d al-Din Masoud Taftazani)
5- On inflexion, etc.

He died in 1475.


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