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Abul Abbas Ahmad Ibn Ali, known as Najashi, leading Shia scholar in the 11th century (924 – 1058), Baghdad. His father was a famous jurist and traditionist and his ancestors were great scholars and the companions of Imam Sdeq and Imam Reza (the 6th and the 8th Imams of Shias). Najashi completed his studies in Baghdad. Studied jurisprudence, Hadith, history, literature, Rejal (the Islamic science which considers the transmitters of Prophetic Hadiths) and other Islamic sciences in Baghdad, Kufa, Samarra, Karbala, Najaf and Basra.
He studied in the presence of many scholars; some of them are as the following.
1- Sheikh Abu Abdullah Mufid (leading Shia theologian and jurist; 948 – 1032)
2- Ahmad Ibn Abdul Wahed
3- Ibn al-Jundi
4- Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Ahvazi
5- Ahmad Ibn Ali Syrafi
6- Hossein Ibn Ubaydullah Abul Faraj
7- Yaqub Ibn Isaac Kateb
8- Ali Ibn Ahmad Najashi (his father)
9- Muhammad Ibn Jafar Mo’addab
10- Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Jowhari, etc.
Out of his students, only “Seyyed Abul Samsam Hosseini Alavi” has been noticed. He was a prominent jurist who was also the student of: Seyyed Murteza Alam al-Huda, Sheikh Tusi, Sheikh Mufid and other great scholars.
1- Rejal (containing the names and works of 1269 Shia traditionists, jurists, commentators, historians and men of letters)
2- Friday (on the acts should be done on this day)
3- Kufa nad its virtues, etc.


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