Abul Hasan Simjur

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Amir Abul Hasan Muhammad Simjur, one of the greatest and most powerful amirs in Smanid period. His father Ibrahim was the son of Abi Imran Simjur. Abi Imran was one of the Turkish slaves of Amir Ismail Samani, in 913 was appointed as the ruler of Sistan thereafter he became the progenitor of Simjurid dynasty and in order all his sons, grandsons and great-great-grandsons had high positions in Samanids court. They ruled over Khurasan for 80 years. Abul Hasan Simjur was the 3rd famous person of the Simjurid family. According to historians, he was an ####intelligent man and an efficient manager and also one of the most influential figures in Samanid era. He ruled over Nishapour, Herat, Sistan and Khurasan, over 30 years and had a great role in the political events of Khurasan and Transoxiana. In the reign of Abdul Malek Samani in 960 was appointed as the ruler and commander of Khurasan but as a result of doing injustice, soon he was deposed but again achieved the same position in the reign of Mansur Samani in 963. He ruled over Nishapour for 5 years, this time behaved well towards people. He also helped Wushmgir Ibn Ziyar (ruler of the Ziyarid dynasty in Tabarestan and Gurgan; r. 953-965) prevent aggresion of Daylamites of Rey and Iraq. In addition to ruling over Khurasa, he was appointed as ther ruler of Marv by Mansur Samani as well. One of the most important events of his priod was fighting against Saffarids (dynasty which reigned in Sistan-Persia from 867 till 1495). Gradually he reigned in Khurasan powerfully and independently from Samanids. Abul Hasan Simjur had a great influence on preventing the attack of Daylamites of Rey and Iraq on Khurasan and could save Nishapour, Heart and Khurasan. In 989 some of Daylamis and Khurasanis were taken captive and sent to Bukhara by him. Abul Hasan Simjur died in 991. He had two sons; Abu Ali who was the commander of Khurasan and Abul Qasem, his daughter was also married to Nuh Samani.


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