Eyn al-Dawleh

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The prince Mirza Abdul Majid Qajar, known as Eyn al-Dawleh (1845-1927), Tehran, the Grand vizier of “Muzaffar al-Din shah” (the 5th shah of Qajar dynasty). Eyn al-Dawleh lived in the first years of Naser al-Din shah’s reign (the 4th shah of Qajar). He was against the constitution in Iran. In 1902, was appointed as the governor of Tehran and in 1904 as the Minister of Interior. Eyn al-Dawleh married Muzaffar al-Din shah’s daughter. He was the Grand vizier of shah from 1905 to 1907. After the death of Muzaffar al-Din shah, again he#### was considered by Muhammad Ali shah (son of Muzaffar al-Din shah). Eyn al-Dawleh was against the constitution up to the end of his life. In Ahmad shah’s reign (son of Muhammad Ali shah), became the Prime Minister in 1916 and 1918.


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