Fazl Ibn Sahl

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Fazl Ibn Sahl, efficient vizier in Abbasid period, born in Sarakhs (city in Khurasan); he was the vizier of Ma’mun (the seventh Abbasid caliph). Fazl was fully acquainted with astronomy, his predictions are available in history books and predicted his murdur. He had an effective role in the time of Ma’mun and was on eof his most important guids. In 813, he managed Ma’mun’s army against Amin’s and became victorious. Therefore was titled “The owner of two directorships” by Ma’mun, because he was the vizier of Ma’mun and also the commander of the army. ####Fazl Ibn Sahl had an important role in inviting Imam Reza (the eighth Imam of Shias) to Khurasan, in order to make him accept the throne of Ma’mun. When Ma’mun dominated over all the Islamic areas, decided to move to “Marv”. Fazl Ibn Sahl, was killed in a bathroom in Sarajhs by order of Ma’mun in 819. After his death, his brother “Hasan Ibn Sahl” became the vizier.



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