Qeys Ibn Abd-e Yaquth

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In the last years of the Prophet Muhammad’s life, a Yemeni man called “Aswad Ibn Anasi Kazzab” who thought the Prophet is going to die, claimed that he is a prophet. Some of the Arab tribes and Yemenies believed him but Iranians who were Muslims and followed the Prophet , fought against Aswad. The two Iranians “Firooz Daylami” and “Davoudiyeh” killed him. Aswad ruled over Yemen for three months. After his death, the country was at peace for a short time but after the death of the Prophet, again there was anarchy in Yemen. Qeqs Ibn Abd-e Yaquth who ####was one of the chiefs of Yemen and had fought against Aswad Kazzab, after the death of the Prophet became apostate and decided to kill Firooz and Davoudiyeh with the help of some of the companions of Aswad Kazzab. He invited them for lunch, as soon as Davoudiyeh entred the house, was killed by a group. When Firooz arrived found out that he was going to be killed, so escaped from Yemen. Therefore Qeys ordered Iranians to leave Yemen, also made the families of Firooz and Davoudiyeh to leave. Firooz decided to fight against Qeys, he wrote letters to some Arab tribes and asked them for help. Qeys was defeated, taken captive and sent to the caliph Abu Bakr. Abu Bakr asked him about the death of Davoudiyeh, but he denied and Abu Bakr accepted his claim and did not kill him!


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