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Abul Abbas Ahmad Ibn Umar Ibn Sarij Shafi’I, one of the great Shafi’i (the Sunni school of Islamic law, derived from the teachings of al-Shafi’i) jurisconsults. He was fully versed at jurisprudence, theology and Hadith. Ibn Nadim (shia historian; 936 – 995) considered him as a Shafi’i theologian. Althought he did not quote many Hadiths but what has been quoted by him, are in a high level. Ibn Sarij Shafi’i studied jurisprudence under “Juneyd” and “Abul Qasem Anmati”. He spent most of his life in Baghdad and did not travel much, just once went to on a trip to Shiraz – ####Iran. During the years 893 – 903 was appointed as the judge of Shiraz.

His works cover a wide range of topics:
1- The kinds and characters
2- On jurisprudence
3- On religious duties
4- Approach of “Muzuni” (name of a Sunni sect) and Shafi’i
5- Jawab al-Qashani

Ibn Sarij died in 918 in Baghdad. His tomb is a place of pilgrimage.


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