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Muhammad Reza Muhaqeqe Tehrani, celebrated contemporary scholar and Mujtahed (the Arabic term donates one who one who possesses the aptitude to form his own judgement on the questions concerning Islamic law using personal effect in the interpretation of the fundamental principles of the law). (1867 – 1954), Tehran – Iran. First he studied literature and the primary sciences in Qom, then traveled to Mashhad and completed his studies in the presence of “Sheikh Hashem Qazwini”, “Sheikh Kazem Damghani”, “Sheikh Hasan Paeen ####Khiyabani”, “Muhammad Aqa Zadeh”, “Ayatollah Hossein Qomi” and Ayatollah Mahdi Qarawi Isfahani. In 1897 travelled to Tehran and studied under “Ayatollah Muhammad Ali Shah Abaadi”. Then continued his studies in Qom in the presence of “Ayatollah Hojjat”, “Ayatollah Khansari” and “Ayatollah Sadr”. He also studied under Ayatollah Burujerdi (the greatest religious authority of Shia world in his time; 1875 – 1961). He then went to Mashhad and started teaching but again returned to Tehran and taught jurisprudence and methodology (Osul). He also wrote the book “The Reality of Jurisprudence” (on explaining religious law, in 70 volumes which 50 volumes of them have been published up to now).


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