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Reza Hamedani, (1835 – 1905), Hamedan – Iran distinguished jusisconsult and Mujtahed (the Arabic term donates one who possesses the aptitude to form his own judgement on questions concerning Islamic law, using his own effort “Ijtehad”). His father Muhammad Hadi Hamedani was a great scholar and jurisconsult. Hamedani studied the preliminary sciences in Hamedan and then went to Najaf to continue. In Najaf, he studied in the presence of “Sheikh Murteza Ansari”. He also studied jurisprudence (Fiq’h) and principles (Osul) under Mirza “####Hasan Shirazi” in Samarra and was known as one his most significant wtudents. In the first of the 20th century, he returned to Najaf and started teaching. After the death of Mirza Shirazi (great Shia leader) in1895, Reza Hamedani became the Marja’ Taqlid (title and function of a hierarchal nature in the Twelver Shia. It donates a Mujtahed, who is to be considered during his lifetime by virtue of his qualities and his wisdom).

Moral characteristics:
He led a simple life. Most of the time he was writing books, studying and worshipping. Hamedani was a modest person and respected all his students. He never wanted anyone to see him off when he was going to go on a journey.

1- Allameh Sheikh Murteza Ansari
2- Mirza Muhammad Hasan Shirazi
3- Muhammad Taqi Shirazi
4- Mirza Hasan Tehrani Najafi
5- Mirza Hashem Khansari

1- Ayatollah Seyyed Mohsen Amin Aameli (his most significant student and the author of A’yan al-Shia)
2- Sheikh Ali Hamedani
3- Sheikh Javad Balaghi
4- Sheikh Agha Bozorg Tehrani
5- Muhammad Hasan Baghdadi
6- Seyyed Hasan Sadr
7- Sheikh Muhammad Kashef al-Ghita
8- Sheikh Ali Qomi
9- Muhammad Hossein Kashef al-Ghita
10- Sheikh Ali Helli
11- Sheikh Abdul Hossein Kazemi, etc.

1- Light of jurisconsults (his most important work)
2- Gloss on the book “The benefites of principles (Osul)” (written by Sheikh Murteza Ansari)
3- Gloss on “Hadaeq” (The gardens; written by Muhaddes Bahrani)
4- Glosses on the books “al-Riyaz” and “al-Najat”
5- Guidance (treatise on juridical subjects)
6- On jurisprudence (a collection of his master, Mirza Shirazi’s juridical issues
7- On Islamic commandments, etc.


A’yan al-Shia


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