Seyyed Ibn Tawous

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Seyyed Razi al-Din Ibn Musa, known as Seyyed Ibn Tawous, (1193 – 1266) in Hillah, outstanding Shia scholar in the 13th century. The House of Ale-Tawous was originally from Medina and the most famous religious and educated family in Hillah. Seyyed Ibn Tawous studied primary sciences under his grandfhther in Hilla, then went to Najaf, Karbala and Kazimayn. In 1228, went to Baghdad and stayed for 15 years. He lived during the reign of the Abbasid caliphs “Musta’sim” and “Mustansir” and had a good relationship with thembut never accepted ####to be a judge. Seyyed Ibn Tawous have a high position among Shia scolars and traditionists. He was expert at many sciences and also so interested in astronomy. Although he was fully versed at jurisprudence but did not show much interest in that.

1- Sheikh Hossein Ibn Muhammad Savari
2- Sheikh Abul Hasan Ali Ibn Yahya Hanat
3- Shams al-Din Fakhkhar Mousavi
4- Abu Hamed Muhyi al-Din Helli
5- Kamel al-Din Heydar Hosseini , etc.

1- Sheikh Sadid al-Din Helli
2- Allameh Helli
3- Sheikh Jamal al-Din Aameli
4- Seyyed Ghiath al-Din Ibn Tawous
5- Sheikh Taqi Helli , etc.

He was a prolific writer and there are left books on various subjects: Jurisprudence, Hadith, theology and ethics.
1- The secrets of prayer
2- On proving the Imamate of Imam Ali and other Shia Imams (P.B.U.T.) based on Sunni’s sources
3- On Imamiyya’s (the term indicates the Twelver Sia) beliefs in the principles of religion
4- The young on the threshold of maturity
5- On the event Karbala
6- On appearing Imam Mahdi (the 12th Imam of Shias who is not seen by humans yet and will appear at the end of the world)
7- On the history of astronomers
8- On the history of the kings and caliphs, etc.


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