Abu Ubayd Juzjani

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Abu Ubayd Abdul Wahed Juzjani, philosopher and scholar, one of the most famous students of Avicenna. There is little information of his life. He studied jurisprudence and religious sciences. Being interested in philosophy, went to Jurjan (Gurgan – Iran) to study in the presence of Avicenna. He studied the Almagest under him. Avicenna dictated some of his philosophical works to Abu Ubayd. He was one of the closest friends of Avicenna. Abu Ubayd had a major role in preserving his master’s works, because Avicenna did not make an effort to do so. After ####Avicenna’s death, all his works were collected by Abu Ubayd.

1- The introduction to the “Book of Healing” (Avicenna’s work)
2- Avicenna’s biography (from his residence in Gurgan up to the end of his life)
3- Writing the sections “Mathematics” and “Music” of Avicenna’s work, “al-Najat”
4- Writing the mathematics and music sections of “Ala’ee encyclopedia
5- A treatise on geometry (based on Avicenna’s writings)
6- Explanation for Avicenna’s ode

His works which are lost:
1- Explanation for the problems of the book Canon of Medicine
2- The Animal (in Persian)
3- Explanation for the treatise “The tale of Hayy Ibn Yaqzan” (a philosophical allegory, written by Avicenna)


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