Davoud Ibn Umar Antaki

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Davoud Ibn Umar Antaki Mesri, one of the greatest physicians and philosophers in the 17th century. According to his autobiography, he was born blind in Antioch and also was paralytic up to the age of 7. In spite of all that, he studied the primary sciences and learnt the Quran by heart, until he visited an Iranian man called “Muhammad Sharif”. He treated his paralysis and taught him logic, mathematics and philosophy. Davoud Ibn Umar was interested in learning Persian, but his master (Muhammad Sharif) suggested him learning Greek instead;#### from him who was the only person who knew Greek at that time in Iran. Davoud Ibn Umar was proficient in most of the medical and philosophical books, such as: Isharat, Najat, Ta’liqat, Muhakemat, Mutarehat, The treatise Ikhwan al-Safa and other works of Avicenna and other great philosophers. He wrote a treatise on “Love”. Davoud Ibn Umar died in 1600.


Reciprocal services of Islam and Iran -written by Murteza Mutahhari


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