Hakim Abbas Darabi

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Hakim Mirza Abbas Darabi, known as “Hakim Darabi”, Persian philosopher in the 19th century (1810 – 1883) in Darab (town in Fars – Iran). He went to Sabzewar (town in Khorasan – Iran) and studied philosophy, logic and metaphysics in the presence of Mullah Hadi Sabzewari (Persian philosopher and poet; 1797 – 1878). Hakim Darabi was one of his most significant students. He was considered as a great scholar by his master (Hakim Sabzewari). Allameh Tehrani (contemporary Persian philosopher and jurisconsult) said about him: “Hakim ####Darabi was profoundly expert at intellectual and transmitted sciences”. He wrote glosses on the book “Asfar” (Mullah Sadra’s famous work). The following are some of his students:
1- Sheikh Ahmad Shirazi, known as “Shaneh Saz” (d. 1885; Samarra - Iraq)
2- Mullah Ahmad Darabi


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