Al-Itqan fi Olum al-Koran

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Al- ltqan (Firmness on Koranic sciences) is the name of a Koranic encyclopedia, composed in Arabic by the prominent scholar Suyuti.

It is one of the most comprehensive books on Koranic sciences including reading, writing and comprehension of the Koran.


The author

Jalal al-Din Suyuti, the most prolific Egyptian writer (1445-1505).

The list of his writings contains 561 works, but it includes numerous quite short treatises.

At the age of 8, He knew the Koran by heart.

Suyuti also knew 100/000 Hadith by heart.

He was highly expert in all the sciences of his own period.

Suyuti was fairly proficient in history, literature, rhetoric and commentary.

He composed six books on Koranic sciences.


The book structure

The author concerns: knowledge of the verses revealed in Mecca and Medina, the verses revealed to the prophet in his trips.

Knowledge of the last Koranic verse, Koranic metaphors and similes,  the miraculous aspect of the Koran, Koranic Hadiths, Koranic arguments, the writing style of the Koran, knowledge of  Koranic exegesis, etc.

The book is translated into Persian.




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