Bani Tamim

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Banī Tamīm, Tamim is one of the largest of all Arab tribes. The tribe's history goes back to pre-Islamic times, a sister-clan of Quraysh. Today millions descend from the tribe in the Arabian Peninsula and neighboring countries such as Iraq, Qatar, Jordan, Syria, Egypt, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. The word Tamim in Arabic means strong and solid.
The Bani Tamīm are located primarily in Najd (Central Saudi Arabia), central and southern Iraq (Basra and Diyala), the Iranian province of Khuzestan, and south and ####north Yemen (Hadhramaut and Ta'izz). Members of the tribe are commonly identified by the surnames "Al-Tamimi" or "al-Tamīmī", which can be spelled as "Al-Timimi" or "Al-Temimi" in reflection of the local accent. Some members of the Al Tamim tribe migrated to Morocco as well during the Arab expansion). They are called "Temim", "Tamim" or "Tamimy".
The tribe traces its lineage to Adnan and Biblical figures Ishmael and Abraham. It has been said that Banu Tamim could be the largest Arab tribe. In pre-Islamic period Banu Tamim were allied with Sassanid Persians and were heavily influenced by the Persian language and culture. Some Tamimi's even became Zoroastrians. The tribe embraced Islam in the eighth year after the Hijra. In an Islamic hadith, Prophet Muhammad remarked that the Tamīm tribe would be the most vigorous of his community in fighting the Dajjal (the Antichrist), an evil figure in Islamic eschatology. After Islam some groups of Tamimi's settled in border areas of Persia and gradually became bilingual in Arabic and Persian. Large sections of the Banu Tamim in Iraq converted from Sunnism to Shi’ism just before or during the 19th century.

Famous poets:
1- Ows Ibn Hajar
2- Salamat Ibn Jandal
3- Uday Ibn Zayd
4- Mutammam Ibn Nuwayra
5- Mikhlab
6- Jarir
7- Ajaj

Famous scholars:
1- Ahnaf Ibn Qeys (companion of the Prophet, Imam Ali and Imam Hasan)
2- Hamid Ibn Hammad (Imam Sadiq’s companion)
3- Zafr Ibn Hazil (Imam Sadiq’s companion)
4- Abu Muhammad Ghiyath Ibn Ibrahim
5- Muhammad Ibn Mared Tamimi (traditionist)
6- Hurr Ibn Yazid Riyahi (Imam Hossein’s companion; he was martyred in the Battle of Karbala)



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