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Jalal al-Din Muhammad As’ad Sediqi Kazeruni, known as Allameh Davani, Persian philosopher, scholar and theologian (1426-1502) was born in Davan (in Kazerun, Iran). He was equally versed at theosophy, Hadith, commentary and natural sciences. First studied under his father, then went to Shiraz to continue. Davani studied works of the early scholars well and this caused him to be proficient in different sciences. The later scholars had a high respect for him and wrote many glosses and explanations for his works. In “Asfar” (Mullah Sadra’s ####famous work), his name was brought respectfully over 40 times. Davani’s role in progressing the movement of Persian Islamic philosophy is the same as Khajeh Nasir Tusi’s role in Mongols era. His works indicate his proficiency in philosophical problems:

His important task was to join the principles of ethics which were set by Khajeh Nasir, to the principles of religion, and at the end use the philosophy of illumination (Hekmat-e Ishraq) in order to explain these principles.

In politics, he considers “justices” as the main issue. He believes that “social justice” is the result of performing justice’s principles which should be done by the leader (governor) of the society. Leader’s characteristics according to Allameh Davani:
1- Abstaining from concupiscence
2- Abstaining from anger
3- Abstaining from appointing persons
4- Performing God’s consent to that of people, etc

Allameh Davani was a prolific author, he wrote over 80 books. The list of below are the most important:
1- Exegesis of “Kaferun” (Disbelievers; name of a Quranic chapter)
2- Divan (the collection of his poems)
3- Jalali Ethics
4- Creation of the Universe
5- 52 Quatrains (including intellectual and philosophical problems)
6- The Actions of Worshippers
7- Treatise on the Meaning of Human, etc.

Some of his important masters:
1) Sa’d al-Din As’ad Sediq (his father)
2) Seyyed Safi al-Din Iji
3) Abdullah Meymoun Kermani
4) Maz’har al-Din Kazeruni
5) Sheikh Rukn al-Din Ruzbahan Shirazi
6) Humam al-Din Kalbari
7) Muhyi al-Din Ansari

His important students:
1) Kamal al-Din Ardabili
2) Kamal al-Din Muhammad Laari
3) Muhammad Ibn Mubarak Qavini
4) Hossein Ibn Mo’in Meybodi
5) Shams al-Din Muhammad Khezri


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