Mullah Abdul Razzaq Lahiji

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Mullah Abdul Razzaq Lahiji, great Persian philosopher, theologian and poet, known as “Fayyaz” (Merciful). He was a student of Mullah Sadra. Mullah Abdul Razzaq was a follower of Peripatetic philosophy and the philosophy of Illumination (Suhrawardi’s philosophy). He taught Hekmat al-Ishraq (Philosophy of Illumination). Mullah Abdul Razzaq was proficient in dogmatic and practical Sufism. He was also interested in poetry; there is left a Divan (collection of his poems, including some thousands verses) of him. He had a good relationship with Sa’ib Tabrizi (Persian poet; ####1603-1677).

There are left invaluable works of him:
1- Shawarew (2 volumes)
2- Gloss on Isharat (Khajeh Nasir’s work)
3- Hayakel al-Nur (Temples of Light; Suhrawardi’s work)
4- Lahiji Exegesis

“Qazi Sa’id Qomi” was one of his students. He died in 1661.


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