Mullah Ali Nuri Mazandarani

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Mullah Ali Nuri Mazandarani, one of the most prominent Persian philosophers. First he studied in Mazandaran and Qazvin, then went to Isfahan and studied in the presence of Agha Muhammad Bid Abaadi and Seyyed Abul Qasem Modarres Isfahani. When Marvi School was built in Tehran by “Muhammad Hossein Khan Marvi”, he asked Fat’h Ali Shah –Qajar Shah- to invite Mullah Ali Nuri to teach in this school, Shah asked him but he refused to go to Tehran and said: “over forty students attended my classes, I can not leave them”. Therefore Shah asked him to send one#### of his best students to Tehran to teach in the school. Mullah Ali sent Mullah Abdullah Zanuzi to teach. Mullah Ali Nuri taught over 70 years and many students were trained in his presence. There are left some short and exact glosses of him on the book “Asfar”, also wrote a great exegesis for the sura (Quranic chapter) “Tawhid” (Sincerity).


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