Mullah Ismail Bojnurdi

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Mullah Ismail Bojnurdi, Persian mystic philosopher who was contemporary with Mullah Hadi Sabzewari. He was born in Bojnurd – Iran. He learnt the primary Islamic sciences in his birthplace then travelled to Qazvin and Isfahan. In Qazvin studied intellectual sciences under Mullah Agha Hakim and Mirza Abdul Wahhab Baraqani and jurisprudence and principles in the presence of Mullah Muhammad Saleh Baraqani and Shahid-e- Thaleth. Mullah Ismail also studied under Mullah Hadi Sabzewari for a short term. He was known as: “Active and Perfect ####Scholar” and “Possessing Good Morals” by his teacher, Mullah Hadi Sabzewari. Mullah Hadi knew him as “Brightness of His Eye”. Mullah Ismail achieved a high position in philosophy and theosophy.

1- Mystic Questions and Mysterious answers (3 volumes; the 2nd part –Mysterious Answers- was written by Mullah Hadi Sabzewari)
2- An unnamed treatise


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