Tan eem

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Tan’eem is one of the lodges of Hossein Ibn Ali’s caravan (from Medina to Karbala); line of demarcation between Mecca and Medina, now is located near Mecca. When Imam Hossein and his companions arrived in this place, saw a caravan of camel-drivers from Yemen who carried invaluable goods to Damascus for Yazid Ibn Mu’awiya –Umayyad Caliph-, Imam stopped the caravan, kept their goods and told them: “If any one of you likes to come to Iraq with us, his travel charge will be fully paid and we will behave well towards him, and any one who wants to ####return, his charge will be paid up to this place”. Some of them took their charge and went and some of them traveled with Hossein Ibn Ali. By applying this method, Imam was going to overthrow the cruel rule.


Nafas al-Mahmum

Imam Hossein’s speeches from Medina to Karbala

Farhang-e Ashura


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