Suhrawardi’s theory about knowledge and Epistemology

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Suhrawardi’s theory of knowledge consists of two segments. First, there is the deconstructionist segment in which Suhrawardi’ criticizes various theories of knowledge, in particular knowledge, by definition sense perception and a priori concepts. He first offers a series of arguments to establish the fact that none of the existing theories of knowledge, lead to certainty. Arguing that although each theory of knowledge leads to one aspect of reality, they all fail to explain how knowledge is actually possible. Peripatetics therefore offer at the best a limited theory of knowledge.

Second, having offered his critique of the Peripatetics, Suhrawardi goes on to offer his own epistemology view known as “knowledge by presence” which explains how knowledge of the self is attained.
Suhrawardi’s critique of the
Peripatetics, can be demonstrated as follows:
1) Knowledge by Definition
2) Knowledge by sense Peripatetics
3) Knowledge through innate ideas
4) Suhrawardi’s philosophical epistemology.


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