Tasnim Koranic Commentary

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Tasnim is the name of a Koranic exegesis, written by the contemporary commentator Ayatollah Javadi Amoli.


The author
Ayatollah Abdullah   Javadi Amoli, contemporary Iranian   scholar,born in 1933 in Amol- Iran. He entered. Amol seminary in 1946 and continued his studies in this school up to 1950, then he went to Mashad seminary but he left there soon and entered Tehran seminary (Marvi school ), Where he continued his studies for five years.
Then he went to Qom and established “Asra institute of research and publication” in1993.

His masters
1- Ayatollah Tabarsi
2- Ayatollah Khomeini
3- Allameh  Tabatabaee
4- Ayatollah Boroujerdi,etc.


1- Tasnim (Quranic Exegesis)
2- The secrets of prayer
3-subject Exegesis of the Koran,  etc.


The book structure

The author tries to present divine learning mysteries in this exegesis book he explains Koranic verses based on philosophical, theological and theosophical views. Ayatollah Javadi concerns the comprehensive aspect of the Koran in all human arenas.


The book includes the following chapters:

1- The language of the Koran

2-The characteristics of commentary of the Koran

3-commentary of the Koran by the Koran

4- Commentary of the Koran by prophetic Hadith

5- Commentary of the Koran by intellect

6- Commentary of the Koran by consultation

7- Commentary of the Koran by views

8- Commentary of the Koran

9- The Koran characteristics in the views of Imams (the Innocents)


Tasnim Koranic Commentary


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