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The book “shobar Exegesis” is one of the most famous exegeses of the Holy Koran, written by
 “ seyyed Abdullah Alavi Hosseini ,known as “ shobar , in the 19th century . It is composed in Arabic and in an eloquent from.

The author

Seyyed Abdullah Alavi Hosseini, known as
“ shobar” , son of “ seyyed Muhammad Reza shobar kazemi.”  He was one of the most prominent shia scholars and jurisconsults in the 19th century
(1768-1822) He Studied in the presence of the father and also the great scholar “seyyed Mohsen Araji” in kazemeyn.  
Shobar was contemporary with the great scholars: “sheikh Jafar kashef  al- Qata” and “ Mirza Qami”.
He composed many great works in a wide range of topics such as: juris prudence, theology, traditions, Rejal, exegesis, ets.
 Many great famous students were trained in his presence:
Sheikh Jefar Jebelli, sheikh Ahmad Balaqi,
seyyed Ali Aameli , shelikh  Ismail Dezfuli, sheikh Mahdi Dezfuli , sheikh Muhammad Ismail khalesi , etc.

The book structure

This book is also known as “ safvat  al- Tafasir” and  “ al- Jowhar  al-samin  fi – Tafsir al-Koran
al- Mob in (the precious work on the exegesis of the Koran

1. Safvat al-Tafasir :
The first and the greatest koranic exegesis known as “the Great Exegesis” ( Tafsir al- kabir), compiled in two volumes .
According to one of  the author’s students: the book is composed in 6200 lines.
The first volume includes from the sura” “ Joseph “ , and the  second  volume from “Thunder” up to the end of the Koran.

2. al- Jowhar al-samin  fi Tafsir  al-Koran al-Mobin:

It is written in Arabic, in two great volumes. It is composed in over 3400 lines.
The first volume from “the opening” to the sura  “ Bees” and the second  volume  from “ The Night Journey” up to the  end of  the Koran.

3. The Minor Exegesis:

This is the most minor exegeses of the author Trilogies on exegesis. It is  a summary of the “ The Great  Exegesis and the  Middle  Exegesis.”



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