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Tantavi exegesis is the name of a Koranic exegesis book including a comprehensive course of Koranic exegesis with regard to natural science.

The author tries to correspond natural sciences with Koranic verses.  

In fact, this exegesis book is a general comprehensive encyclopedia concerning theology, natural sciences, mathematics.

The author


Mahmoud Ayyad Tantavi (1810-1861) was a great Egyptian Sunni scholar.

He was expert in commentary of the Koran as well as Arabic and English languages. He taught at Azhar mosque and in St. Peters bury, where his lagrge collection of manuscript ids kept.

He composed many works on philosophy, ethics and commentary of the Koran.

Some of his works as follows:

1- Spirits

2- The origin of the universe

3-son of human

4- Strange mystery about the philosophy of the Prophet's marriages


The book structure


1- In this exegesis book, the author divides the long verses of the Koran, into the small groups.

2- Tantavi highly considers the commentary of the Phrase “In the name of God, the Mercy giving, the merciful”,

He also explains the commentary of this phrase with regard to the content of each Koranic surah.

3- The commentary of each surah is related with the pervious sura, and each verse with the next verses.

4-His own viewpoint about the subjects as: angles, djinn, etc. are mentioned

5-The verses concerning jurisprudence are briefly mention the views of different branches of Sunni are explained, especially the branches: “Hanafi” and “Shafei” but he does not consider jurisprudence views of Shia.

6- The author considers commentary of Prophets Miracles and invisible help Divine punishments with regard to the appearance of Koranic verses.

Tantavi used many different references in composing his exegesis book.

The following scholars whom the author referred to:

Qazali, Avicenna, Aristotle, Jamal al Din Asad Abadi, Syuti,
Fakhr Razi, Plato, Pythagoras.




Reyhanat al-Adab

Islamic desk reference


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