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Byza is the name of another lodging of Hossein Ibn Ali’s caravan, between Mecca and Kufa. It was located between “Waqeseh” and “Uzayb”. This place was belonged to Bani Yarbu’ (name of an important group of the tribe of Tamim, whose territory stretched between al-Ymama to below the Euphrates). In this lodging, Imam Hossein lectured fro Hurr’s army: “O people! The Holy Prophet said: whoever sees a cruel king or leader who does not obey God, oppresses people and acts cruelly and the people do not appose him; God will behave with#### those people as the same as the cruel leader. Be aware that Umayyads are cruel caliphs, they do not obey God, they do not follow God’s and Prophets’ rules. You wrote me letters on allegiance, your messengers told me that you are going to assist me and faithful to your allegiance. I am the son of Ali and Fatima. I am your leader and deserve to guide you. If you assist me, you will be blissful and if not, there is no wonder, because you had acted before cruelly towards ny father, brother and cousin-Muslim Ibn Aqil- but God will punish you badly”.


Nafas al-Mahmum

Farhang-e Ashura

Mousuat al-Imam Hossein


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