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Neynava was the last lodging of Hossein Ibn Ali’s caravan and also his martyrdom place. It was located near Kufa –Iraq. Neynava was a plain land and Karbala was placed in this plain, that is why, Karbala is also called Neynava. Neynava was the village of Yunus Ibn Matta (one of the divine prophets), he called people to God in Neynava. According to historians, Neynava had been the royal residence of Assyrian kings and medicine science spread in this area and also there were great libraries and commercial buildings, years later it was destroyed by the Medes and Babels. It was the last lodging; when the caravan arrived here, Hurr Ibn Yazid Riyahi did not let them move forward, because Ibn Ziyad had ordered to besiege Imam’s caravan. Hurr was supposed to stop the caravan from moving forward to rest or drinking water.


Nafas al-Mahmum

Imam Hossein’s uprising

Farhang-e Ashura


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